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Suite 22 Contract

suite 22 contract web redesign freelancer nanaimo

Suite 22 Contract is a high-end Italian Furniture retailer based in Markham, Ontario. They also have a storefront in Downtown Toronto.

I’ve been working with them since about 2014, and this is the second redesign I’ve done of the Suite 22 Contract website (and have also worked with their sibling ventures as well). They’re a favourite client of mine: the competitive industry of beautiful, high end Italian furniture combined with Suite 22’s awareness of good design and inspiration creates a wonderful atmosphere to work with.

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suite 22 contract web design freelancer nanaimo


suite 22 contract web redesign freelancer nanaimo

The default WordPress search is replaced by a ReactJS powered search function, via the WordPress Rest API. It’s a neat little widget that returns the product featured image as well.

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