WordPress Plugin Boilerplate + WebPack

wordpress plugin boilerplate webpack vancouver island

I started a repo with the WordPress Plugin Boilerplate and WebPack. It’s pretty bare bones right now, but it does some of what I set out to do:

  • compiles JS into public/js and /admin/js folder
  • zips the plugin and places the zip file in the /plugins folder

I’ll be visiting the repo again to add more stuff.

Here is the repo!

Tools needed:

WordPress Plugin Boilerplate:

Go forth and download from https://wppb.me/


cd into your plugin’s directory. You can either npm init to get a package.json, or grab the example package.json and change the necessary header info to your own info and then npm install.


  • make sure JS is being compiled in the best way.
  • add CSS stuff (autoprefix, minify, etc)
  • other stuff I have forgotten  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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