Working with WP Rig

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WP Rig is an interesting starter theme for WordPress. It has all sorts of neat stuff baked in for developers. The learning curve is a steeper than a lot of WP themes I’ve worked with but the more I get familiar with it, the more I enjoy and appreciate the direction it is on.

Webpack + Cool Tools

I haven’t played around with Webpack too much – but WP Rig comes with it baked in. I like how it deals with files: you can write a lot of currently cutting edge stuff, like nested CSS, and the workflow will (for the most part!) spit out styles/scripts that are ready for the real world. It lints/concatenates/prefixes/optimizes everything, images are compressed and lazy loaded using intersectionObserver, and so much more.

All Components on deck

There are a lot of functionality separated out into components. These components can be called out anywhere you choose in the theme. You can also tie styles to components so that the styles will only show up if that component is showing.

wp rig components structure wordpress theme.
Registering WP Rig components

Check it out here!!!

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